Accidental Damage Waiver

Pack-A-Party Entertainment Rentals LLC. offers an optional 10% non-refundable accidental damage waiver on all rental equipment. Lessee must select coverage, pay in full at checkout, and sign rental contract before start of event for damage waiver to be bound. Acceptance of any and all claims that arise are based on sole discretion of Pack-A-Party.

This cost covers:

  • Up to $250 per contract in accidental damage to an inflatable device.
  • Up to $1,000 per contract in wind and storm damage to tents, and properly deflated inflatables.
  • Cost up to replacement on all other rental items for accidental damage.

This Damage Waiver is NOT liability insurance.

This Damage Waiver does NOT cover theft, vandalism, silly string, misuse and/or abuse.

This Damage Waiver does NOT cover lost or missing equipment. Pack-A-Party will bill for any and all missing equipment at new replacement cost.